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UC Davis Mathematics Placement - General Instructions

Math Placement FAQ

These are the basic instructions provided before each test. A link to the math placement is listed after the instructions.


Carefully read the following instructions. You may wish to print them out before starting .

  1. This math placement is designed to assess your mathematical preparedness for subsequent courses. The results will be used for advising purposes and will not be part of your permanent record.

  2. You were assigned a username and password specifically for this math placement; enter these whenever you are asked for a username/password or a proctor username/password. These are NOT the same as your UCD username/password.

  3. You will need scratch paper and a pen or pencil to work the problems on the math placement. Obtain them before you begin.

  4. Calculators are not needed and may not be used on this math placement. You may not use books, the Internet, or other materials, or consult with anyone while taking this math placement. Using calculators or other materials will make it harder to complete the math placement on time, and may result in your being advised to take a class inappropriate for you.

  5. You will have 90 minutes to complete the math placement. Once you begin, a timer will appear in the corner of your screen. The timer will not stop for any reason.

  6. If you do not submit your math placement within the time limit, your math placement will not be graded. No score will be given. This will also count as an math placement attempt and you will not be allowed to take the math placement again during the testing session.

  7. This math placement contains 60 problems over ten pages; you may work on problems in any order you like.

  8. Use the 'Jump to Page' links at the top and bottom of each math placement page to move between pages.

  9. If you find certain questions very time-consuming, leave them temporarily. Come back to them after you have gone through the entire math placement if you have time.

  10. In scoring the math placemenmath placement, only correct answers will be counted. If you have no idea which of the answers to a given question is the correct one, you should leave the question blank. If you happen to guess correct answers to questions that you do not understand, you may be advised to take a course for which you are not adequately prepared.

  11. If your web browser crashes, immediately reopen the test. It will let you continue working where you left off until the timer counts down to zero. However, the timer will keep counting down even if your computer is not on.

  12. When you are finished with the math placement, click the "Grade Test" button. Do NOT click this button until you are finished or time is up. If you accidentally click this button, simply click the back button on your browser. You will NOT be able to submit your test for grading after time expires. Be sure to click the "Grade Test" button before the timer ends.

  13. After clicking "Grade Test", you will be prompted to log in once more to verify your submission. Enter the same username and password you used to start the math placement and then click 'Continue'.

  14. After you submit your test for grading, please wait as your test is scored. If you see a green bar and are told that your score was recorded, then you are done. If you do NOT see this, email .

Additional information about the math placement, math placement dates, and math placement registration can be found at the
Math Placement Requirement Information Page.

Winter Quarter 2023

Second Math Placement for Winter Quarter 2023 - Available 11 AM, January 9 - 11 AM, January 17

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